What is the difference between Botox & Dermal fillers?

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What is the difference between Botox and Dermal fillers? Find out which may be the right treatment for you. What is Botox? The general shape and expression of our face is managed by our muscles. When we smile or frown, a series of muscles tightens. This will pull and crease the skin. Over time, these […]

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Is Botox the right aesthetic treatment for you?

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Most people know that Botox can reduce wrinkles. But did you know that different injectables and other treatments suit different areas of the face and skin concerns? Read on to find out when Botox makes sense. A good rule of thumb to remember is that, generally, Botox is used from the eyes up & dermal fillers […]

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Get serious about skincare: go deeper than the simple facial

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Having a facial is a great way to feel pampered. They are wonderfully relaxing and leave your skin feeling beautifully clean. But ordinary facials do little more than cleanse and help you unwind in the short term. Simply cleaning your skin may not help with underlying issues, and using the wrong skin care products may […]

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