Dr Ros talks about Complementing Treatments and Products

When clients request a Botox treatment for frown lines I always include a full facial assessment because a combination of treatments and using the correct skincare gives dramatically better results than just one treatment alone.

botox needles

The top 3 treatments that I carry out along with just one skincare product are:

Botox, Dermal fillers in the tear trough area and at the corners of the mouth and ZO Daily Power Defense.

When Botox is injected in the glabellar area (frown lines between the brows) and at the outsides of the brows it gives a lift to the eye brows and opens the eyes up to give a relaxed youthful look.

Sunken eyes (looking like you don’t get enough sleep) are either hereditary or develop due to a widening of the eye socket as part of the body’s natural ageing process. This can be counteracted using a specific dermal filler in the area to effectively turn back the clock. The same procedure can also be applied (using dermal fillers) into the corners of the mouth to turn the corners up, changing a ‘sad face’ into a ‘happy face’.

At Radiance MediSpa we sell more ZO’s Daily Power Defense than any other product. In short Daily Power Defense is a very clever combination of antioxidants and Retinol, the latter is essentially the purist form of vitamin A. The antioxidants prevent damage from the aging UVA rays and mop up free radicals that break down collagen and elastin. While retinol stimulates skin cell turnover, reduces oiliness and pigmentation in the skin, as well as increasing collagen and elastin formation to tighten up the skin.

The results from Botox start to become apparent within 72 hours, the filler, straight away and the skin care after about a month. There is very little if any down time but I suggest starting treatment at least a month before a big event. The combination of the 3 treatments gives a more youthful, healthy look but always start with a full facial assessment to get the correct combination for your desired outcome.