Frown & Forehead Lines

Do you get people saying “Don’t look so worried, it might never happen” or “cheer up” or “you look angry all the time”? We all have different facial expressions & some that might be giving out ‘false messages’.

Overactivity of the frown muscles may be giving you a cross, worried look that can be quite ageing. Crow’s feet when smiling are lovely, but deep lines at rest can make you look older than your age.

When we are young the skin bounces back but with time these expression lines become permanent due to loss of collagen in the skin. Using Botox to reduce the muscle movements, without giving you a frozen look, can give you a lovely fresh, rested look. A proper facial assessment and treatment by experienced practitioners Dr Ros and Nurse Helen will ensure it is your secret without the telltale signs that you may be accustomed to!

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