COVID 19 UPDATE: Closure until 13th April except for certain treatments

Due to the latest lockdown general beauty treatments will not be taking place until Tuesday 13th April.

Certain medical treatments can still go ahead as long as you have not been at risk of contracting COVID 19 and are not using public transport to come to the clinic. If you have not been contacted by us to confirm an appointment that is BEFORE 8th March it will have been moved.

We are working through the diary to contact you and move appointments to a date  after April 12th. Look out for our emails for special skin boosting treatments and check out our treatment plans with discounts of up to 40% on a year’s worth of treatments.

If you have any doubts as to whether your treatment is allowed please contact us by phone 01392 277799 and leave a message or by email [email protected] Kate and Sarah are in the clinic for limited hours but will get back to you.

Radiance Aesthetic Clinic team photo - covid 19 salon and clinic guidelinesSymptoms, positive tests and exposure to COVID 19

If you have had any COVID 19 symptoms in the last 14 days, are in quarantine without a negative test, or have been contacted by Track and Trace we ask that you do not come to the clinic. Let us know and we can reschedule your appointment.
You can book via our app: Radiance Aesthetic Clinic (if you are apple user you may need to download it again as they have been updating it). You can however call us on 01392 277799 to book new or reschedule existing appointments.
For allowable treatments and when we reopen fully: When you do come to the clinic, make sure you enter via the carpark door at the time of your appointment and leave up the stairs via the roadside door.

Injectables and aesthetic skin/facial treatments

If you have booked an injectable treatment or any of the aesthetic skin/facial  treatments such as Hydrafacial, Indiba, laser etc please take note of the instructions below:

  • We would prefer you to remove your make-up before you come to save face to face contact time in the clinic; full face for all facial aesthetic treatments, forehead and round eyes for Botox, lower face for Profhilo and filler.
  • You should read the appropriate web page regarding your treatment as this contains all the information you will need.
  • You will be sent a link to your consent form to read and sign before you come to the clinic – as long as you are totally happy.
  • If you are having Botox: if you feel you need a follow-up appointment 14 days after your Botox treatment, please book on the app or call for an appointment. Dr Ros will fit you in so you have this adjustment within the 3 weeks after your initial treatment.

How we have prepared the clinic

Watch our IGTV and read the guidelines below:

We have changed the way we are working at the clinic to keep you and our team as safe as we can.
  • We are obviously being very careful, and we would ask that you also limit your social interaction as much as possible for at least the 14 days before your appointment or as per the updated government guidelines. We know the relaxation rules will be changing, and we have to be aware of the risks that this will pose.
  • For all appointments please come into the clinic via the carpark door at the time of your appointment and not before.
  • Please wear a clean face mask.
  • There will be hand gel on the table to the right as soon as you come as well as instructions on how to use gel properly.
  • There is plenty of room to socially distance so you can sit or stand in reception if your stylist/aesthetician/therapist or Dr Ros is not quite ready.
  • All the appointments have been lengthened to allow for cleaning after each client, and so we can prepare for your appointment and minimise the face to face time.
  • Please keep your mask on whilst moving around the clinic, but we will need you to remove your mask for certain treatments and to discuss your treatments.  We are so lucky to have so much space that social distancing is easy. We will be wearing PPE. If you do not have a mask we have them at the clinic – for a charge of £2 until the price drops!
  • You will be taken straight into the treatment room or salon. 
  • If we can socially distance to discuss your hair or discuss treatments you can remove your mask as we know this makes communication much easier. If not we ask that you do keep your mask on where possible.
  • We cannot provide drinks but you are welcome to bring a drink to have whilst your hair is developing.
  • Please read all the relevant pre care and aftercare for your appointment on the website.
  • Payment will be done at reception on the left-hand side and you can rebook before you leave or book on the app, Radiance Aesthetic Clinic.
  • We can advise you on which ZO skin care products will be best for your skin, but we are unable to use testers.
  • You will exit up the stairs via the roadside door.
  • We are NOT adding a COVID charge.
  • If you have any suggestions, we absolutely welcome them. Please email [email protected]

Dr Ros, Katie and the reception team (Kate and Sarah) are working hard to make sure we can provide you with the best service but please bear with us if there are glitches.