Nanotechnology: It’s the Chemical Peel, but not as we know it.

Hot on the heels of our article on regular Chemical Peels we want to introduce you to something a little special: Nanotechnology Peels.

Before and after chemical peel - Radiance Aesthetic Clinic, Exeter, Devon

Nanotechnology basically means that the active ingredient is encapsulated, so that it can be taken deeper into the skin, down to the dermis layer where it’s most effective. This also means there is less surface peeling & a higher concentration of ingredients can be used for even better results.

The peel is tailored to your skin & your desired outcome by one of our therapists. After care products are also provided, included in the price as part of the treatment, & will further boost the results.

The four main Nanotechnology peels are:

  • Ferulac Peel: Ideal age 25-4. Full of antioxidants to promote healing, reduce ageing, improve the texture & brighten the skin. Peeling will most often occur at 2-3 days but usually of concern for just 1 day.
  • DNA recovery peel: Ideal age 35+. Treats & heals damaged & pigmented skin. The DNA repair enzymes lower the risk of skin cancer. The growth factor ingredients reduce wrinkles with collagen stimulation. Peeling will usually occur, peaking at day 2 or 3.
  • Salipeel: For inflammatory acne at any age. A course can improve the skin to the point where products & Hydrafacial treatments will maintain clear skin. Expect peeling but this will vary from person to person.
  • Target Peel: For any age when there is melasma, dark spots, acne or sun damage. There will again be peeling but this depends on exactly which peel is used & personal variation in reaction to the peel.

Dealing with Peeling

You must not pick. But gentle exfoliation with ZO exfoliating polish is ideal, especially if you are going out in the evening. Peeling tends to be concentrated around the mouth due to the constant movement of the skin when talking and eating.

If you prefer not to peel, pick a red carpet peel.

Peels are recommended every 20-30 days & a course is needed to treat most skin conditions.