Guest Post: Kate Lamport talks about ZO skin care products

I spent most of my twenties searching for the perfect skincare products. Sadly, I didn’t find them! I did though manage to find the perfect man, and married him.

katie-lamport image
But even on my wedding day I was not happy with my skin. My friends joked that if I got a break out on the day I would stand him up and never make it up the aisle.

I could never unblock my pores, I had uneven skin tone with some acne scarring and a bit of UV damage from too much fun in the sun. I hate to think how much I spent on products, trying just about everything on the market. While I did have some favourites, nothing had ever given me miraculous results. I had given up hope and relied on make up or tanning to give me a better looking complexion.
Then something rather wonderful happened, I ran out of the stuff I was using at the time (Clarins) and was introduced to ZO Skin Health at Radiance MediSpa. I took my starter kit home and began the very simple new routine that I was advised to do. (5 products for £165!) Within a couple of days my skin tone and texture had improved. I was waking up looking refreshed (which is a miracle as I have two very young children) and some of my fine lines had diminished.

The cleanser exfoliates and ‘wakens’ my skin – it has blue vitamin E beads that break open as you wash your face. Then my face is ready for the benefits of the Daily Power Defence serum (best day cream EVER). The final morning step is the tinted Primer & SPF that is pure genius.

I have used moisturisers with SPF before and they always leave my skin greasy and feeling dirty. This product is the first primer with sun protection that I have used (and heard of) it’s great under make up or on its own. I just love going to bed with the Growth Factor Serum on my face. It’s luxurious, aggressive, and powerful and it works. The texture is rich but not greasy or pore clogging, it works hard over night to make my skin radiant.

I have now been using ZO Health for nine months and I have am delighted with the results. I get compliments on my skin every day and feel proud that I am protecting my skin from aging and the elements with such amazing products. NB: My husband is now a user of ZO!