Hair Perfume: Herra Protect

Lipstick check. Perfume check. Hair perfume check?

We often get asked if spraying perfume onto your hair is healthy. The simple answer is no. Spraying perfume onto the hair will dry out the hair because normal perfume contains alcohol. The best way to freshen up the smell of your hair is with specially adapted hair perfume such as, Herra Protect Hair Perfume. But, apart from the obvious advantage of having great smelling hair, Herra Protect also protects the hair from UV rays, pollution and free radicals keeping it conditioned and healthy looking.

Herra hair perfume

Product name inspired from Hera – the Greek Goddess of women (she was known for her beauty).

The brands founder is James Davis – for those that won’t know him he’s a fragrance house expert and leading trichologist.


Whats in the product?

Sunflower extract to help protect against colour fade & UV

Glycerin which keeps the hair hydrated

Olive extract to protect against free radicals & pollutants


What makes it different from other products?

It has a lower level of Alcohol Denat making it  less drying to your hair and slower to evaporate, meaning the key active ingredients can get to work on your hair. Beyond the protection element the fragrance itself has been designed by a fragrance expert formerly of Channel. The way it is formulated means that you can wear your normal perfume that Herra just blends with rather than seeming like you have a totally different scent.


How should you use Herra?

Spray twice a day onto dry hair. The number of squirts depends on your length and volume of hair. You can use it more frequently when on holiday and the hair is being subjected to more UV damage and the drying effect of swimming pools and the sea.

Hair absorbs fragrance  which is gradually released over time.

Herra can be used with any other styling products and should be looked upon as the ‘final touch’.

Celebrities using the product: Lisa Snowdon, Katie Fielder, Tamara Al Gabbani, Elizabeth Chamer & Michelle Keegan.


Great as a present

It is great as a present when you feel like buying a special friend a present but are not quite sure what fragrances she likes. It just blends with any fragrance or is perfect on it’s own.

FYI: It comes into it’s own for those of us with hair extensions that don’t need washing everyday! It’s currently one of our favourite products in the salon ATM.