Safe Tattoo Removal which targets the ink, not your skin

A tattoo can be a dramatic or beautiful declaration about ourselves. However, if things change, we might regret the very permanent statement we once treasured.

Tattoo removal stages - Radiance Aesthetic Clinic, Exeter

Welcome to your tattoo time-machine!

At Radiance, we use the latest Q-Plus C laser, which works on three wavelengths to directly target the ink in your tattoo not your skin. It breaks the ink down into micro-fragments which your body is able to move through the skin and expel as waste.

Technology has moved on considerably in the last few years and our laser will tackle even the most stubborn colours, green, turquoise and fluorescent dyes, that many machines cannot.

Full removal of a tattoo will take 6-12 sessions about 6 weeks apart, depending on the colours used and depth of the ink. Each session is very short, usually about 15-30 minutes.

Preparing your skin

Safety is our priority, and we will always thoroughly assess your tattoo and do a small patch-test before full treatment begins. You must also make sure that the skin isn’t tanned.

Your tattoo removal after Care

Removal requires similar care to the original tattooing: keeping out of the sun and using factor 30 cream. Since every tattoo is unique in location, colour, age and so on, it’s hard to be exact about results. While particularly difficult tattoos may lead to slightly altered skin pigmentation, laser tattoo removal is safer now than ever, and more effective.