Laser teeth whitening explained

In-clinic laser teeth whitening is a simple and effective treatment that is designed to remove years of staining and whiten the teeth to a new sparkling and natural look.

The procedure works by the application of a gel to the enamel that is accelerated to react with the natural mineral in the tooth and whiten by the Beyond Dental system.


How long does teeth whitening take?

The treatment takes around an hour and clients can expect to see a result of 4-12 shades whiter then their original tooth shade and staining that has built up over time removed. Nearly everyone over the age of 18 (in accordance with EU law) is suitable for the procedure.


What colour teeth can I expect?

Before treatment a consultation will determine your current tooth shade and exactly what result to expect from the process.


How long does teeth whitening last?

The results of the in clinic treatment will last for 12 -18 months depending on lifestyle and diet and there is no on-going maintenance or take home kit required for the client. It is important however to avoid any dark staining food or drink for 24 hours after treatment.


Is there regulation around teeth whitening in the UK?

Current EU legislation on teeth whitening products  (EU Council Directive 2011/84/EU) has reduced and prohibited the use of high levels of hydrogen peroxide in teeth whitening treatments and products sold. Hydrogen Peroxide at high levels has proven to cause sensitivity and damage to the enamel. The in-clinic teeth whitening treatment at Radiance MediSpa uses Sodium Perborate as the active ingredient. Eliminating the use of hydrogen peroxide means our treatment produces zero sensitivity and case study has proven that the agent produces similar aesthetic results for the client to treatments carried out with higher levels of hydrogen peroxide, without, however, the pain and discomfort.  Our whitening gel also has full verification and toxicology reports available upon request.


Teeth whitening vs. surgical veneers – whats different?

It is important to make the distinction between in-clinic treatments and surgical veneer procedures where unnatural white smiles are often produced. Whilst our in-clinic treatment will produce, in some individuals, a ‘Hollywood smile’, depending on the natural mineral of the tooth, in most individuals they will see a natural, refreshing whiter look.


Our treatment whitens all the teeth in the natural smile  (it is also possible to whiten single teeth), it is non invasive and carried out by fully insured and trained professionals. We also have additional products available in clinic to compliment the whitening treatment in the form of whitening toothpastes. In an image conscious culture and environment, in-clinic laser teeth whitening is a easy and accessible treatment to remove years of staining and to obtain a whiter smile.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information or wish to book an appointment or consultation.