miraDry: Client Experience

I’m Kate. Lots of you will know who I am from seeing me on reception at Radiance Aesthetic Clinic. You will also know that apart from everything & anything Aesthetic treatment /Skin wise I also love clothes & fashion (and obviously my two lovely children).

You may also have noticed that I wear a lot of black and this is why.

I have suffered from excessive sweating since about the age of 12, I can’t remember a time when I did not worry about sweat – the smell and the dreaded sweat patches. As a teenager I was prescribed medical strength antiperspirant which stung and was the most unpleasant thing to use. As an adult I have had to use them for special occasions, but often leaving a rash, it was the lesser of two evils. I even remember taking a spare school uniform shirt to school just in case the patches got too big and embarrassing. This is something that sadly has stayed with me during my adult life. I always have deodorant in my bag, even in my clutch bag on nights out! I have worn so much black trying to disguise the wet patches….until now!

When I first read about a treatment called miraDry, an FDA approved treatment that can dramatically reduce underarm sweat in as little as one appointment with little to no downtime, I knew I needed it. Then when Dr Ros said we were getting the machine at work I literally jumped for joy. Rather than masking the symptoms of sweat, like smell and dampness, the treatment directly hits the source using thermal energy, to get rid of the sweat glands which do not grow back. A permanent solution to my problem was like music to my ears! Permanent results that take less than an hour to complete.

First, Dr Ros injected the area with local anaesthetic, about 10 injections under each arm which was the most uncomfortable part of the treatment, but still completely fine. Next, she marked the skin with a temporary tattoo used to guide the miraDry device. The rest of the procedure took about 45 minutes and was much quicker than I expected. During that time the miraDry device was placed directly on my skin for about 20 minutes on each side. I felt absolutely nothing because miraDry has an inbuilt cooling system. Once the treatment was done, I was given ice packs to apply for 20 minutes on and off for the next day or two. The astonishing thing was that within 1 day the treatment started working. I was blown away! The first thing I did was to get out all the non-black clothes I had stashed in the back of my wardrobe and started wearing them! The following weekend I wore a grey outfit, danced all night & not a single sweat mark!

Here’s a video of Dr Ros having miraDry:

Some patients worry that the treatment will prevent the body from effectively cooling down, but we have between 2-4 million sweat glands in the body and only about 2% are found in the underarms, so after the treatment the rest of the body will continue to sweat normally, meaning it will have no problem cooling itself.

Everything that was promised in terms of reduced sweat and odour has been delivered and to say it changed my life is an understatement. I truly recommend MiraDry to all our clients. No more deodorant – saving money and the environment, as well as no more nasties on the skin. I am so delighted with the results!