Nails: Natural Acrylics

Acrylics were one of the first nail treatments to be introduced to the modern beauty industry. Love them or hate them, acrylic nails are here to stay and we’ve heard they’re making a comeback.

Having long being associated with WAGS and mobster wives we’re used to seeing acrylic nails as anything but natural. You may be thinking of seven inch fluorescent pink and gold glitter extensions or the slightly more ‘subtle’ union jack design. Now, however, it seems that acrylics are breaking away from their tacky reputation and relaunching themselves as the perfectly manicured, ‘natural looking artificial fingernail’.

Acrylic’s nail treatment counterparts such as Shellac and Gellish have become increasingly popular over recent years, with nail devotees opting for their more natural look. Their durability is much better than regular varnish but not as good as that of the Acrylic nail. What has been realised is that now Acrylics too, can provide a natural look and still be long-lasting.

The thinner Acrylic overlays act as a strong shield over your own nail and so achieve a more natural Acrylic look. But if it is length that you want, then ask your beauty professional to cut them down to a more subtle length and think about which shape will suit your natural look best. Choosing a more skin toned nail polish will also help you achieve your desired look.

Acrylic nails can last up to three weeks depending on the quality of your aftercare. A full treatment can take up to an hour and a half and thereafter a 1 hour infill treatment is all that is required.