No Sweat – miraDry To The Rescue

Are you fed up of embarrassing sweat patches when you get nervous, hot or just want to avoid the chemicals in antiperspirants? Do you want a permanent solution rather than repeated Botox treatments very 4-6 months? Would you love to wear any colour clothes and not be limited to black? miraDry is a permanent solution to troublesome sweating and Hyperhydrosis.

miraDry is an FDA cleared treatment and is the only treatment, other than surgery, that provides permanent results.

What does a treatment involve?

Local anaesthetic is used to numb the area then thermal energy targets the sweat glands to prevent them from working after which the body eliminates them so your ability to sweat is seriously reduced. There can also be reduction in odour and hair reduction as these glands and the follicles are affected. Sometimes 2 treatments are required, depending on your body.

Does it matter if you can’t sweat from your armpits? No, not at all! It is suitable for anyone over 18 years old.


You should, however, delay or reconsider treating if you:

⁃Are pregnant

⁃Have a pacemaker or other electronic device implant

⁃Have ever had axillary surgery

⁃Have had an adverse reaction to local anaesthetic


A consultation is required prior to setting a date for your treatment. Book in for your free consultation and gain back your confidence with an endless choice of clothing that you feel ready to wear! To find out more about miraDry, click here.