CoolSculpting Vs LumiSlim

As the days start to lengthen and we see the sun appearing we know the time is fast approaching when our bodies will be emerging and be on show. Those extra ‘winter pounds’ need to be shed but sometimes they need a bit of extra help.

non-invasive liposuction

Liposuction, the removal fat from the body is what is required but more and more people are turning to the non-invasive form which basically means that nothing is injected into the body, nor is the body ‘cut into’ in any way.

The benefits of non-invasive liposuction over classic liposuction are that no general anaesthetic is required – along with the risks associated with any operation. There is much less in the way of bruising, swelling, pain and down time – in fact, an hour long lunchtime treatment can be all that is needed.

We are all very excited about the LumiSlim, our new non-invasive lipo machine. We decided to purchase this new piece of kit because we have been turning away clients who are desperate for some help but are either too far off their target weight or their areas of concern are not suitable for our Coolsculpting machine. LumiSlim is a great way to accelerate weight loss generally, but can also target specific areas of fat.

The table below is a summary of the differences between the 2 treatments:




Fat is only removed from the treated area


Fat is only removed from the treated area


Cryolipolysis – freezing of the fat cells which causes the cells to be permanently removed form the body


Laser – heating of the fat that melts the fat and makes the fat cells permeable so that the fat leaks out into the blood stream and is either burnt up by exercise or excreted by the body.


Complimentary consultation


Complimentary consultation


No exercise is required


20 minutes of exercise that raises the heart rate is required within 4 hours of each treatment


No specific diet is required but a low carbohydrate diet will get the best results.


No specific diet is required but a low carbohydrate diet will get the best results.


Bruising, pain and swelling may occur temporarily



No side effects or down time


One sessions is usually all that is required


2 treatments a week for 5 weeks are required


Results start to be seen after 1 month, with the final results at 3 months


Results start to be seen immediately


Areas that can be treated; Tummy (upper and lower), love handles, Inner thighs, saddle bags, bingo wing, banana rolls, bra straps and man boobs


Any area of fat except over the throat (thyroid gland).


£800 per area (£1,400 for a large frame tummy)


£100 per treatment


Permanent results


Fat may return if weight is put on.

These are exciting times, with all that can be done to hone our bodies. We must, however, continue to eat healthily and stick to low carbohydrate foods which is much more easy as the temperatures increase and the sun comes out!