10 years of Radiance Aesthetic Clinic

Many of you, like us, think of September as the ‘New Year’, a time for reflection and planning. Katie and I have spent the summer looking at how far we have come in that last 10 years, especially the last 4 1/2 years since opening Radiance Aesthetic Clinic.

Indiba treatment at Radiance Aesthetic Clinic, Exeter

Now we have such superb therapists in our team I’ve been able to concentrate on researching the latest developments in aesthetics, whilst Katie has become one of the most respected CoolSculpting practitioners in the country.

Meanwhile, our ethos remains the same: deliver tried and tested treatments, use evidence based products and see the results in you, our loyal clients.

We have always stressed the importance of improving the condition of your skin. This means going beyond short-term cosmetics and treatments which only give a ‘glow for a day’. Hydrafacial (ambassador Karen Brady) has been the answer. It’s suitable for anyone 18 to 80 who understands that a regular, pampering facial feels nice – but doesn’t last. Hydrafacial gives bright, plump & youthful looking skin for longer and has even better results when combined with our most reliable treatment, the radiofrequency Indiba (a treatment of choice for celebrities).

To satisfy the growing demand for this combined treatment we have bought a second Indiba machine. We have also increased the number of appointments available so that more of you can try them and see why we rave about them.

This is just the start for the coming year so watch out for our new developments and offers! We’ll be doing our bit to help you feel beautiful, confident and ready to celebrate the festive season.