Perm your way to fluttering eyelashes

Most of us aren’t blessed with natural curly, fluttering eyelashes, which is why using eyelash curlers are part of our makeup routine.

women with dark hair & long eyelashes

Whilst most men probably look at these metal devices as sort of eyeball extractors, we ladies know the importance of curly lashes and what we need to do to achieve them!

Whether it’s a manual or heated curler you use, the everyday maintenance can strain your eyelashes, sometimes even causing them to fall out prematurely, especially if they aren’t used properly. This is where eyelash perming comes to the rescue!

Eyelash perming has been around for nearly 20 years and for any of you who have lived through the 80’s, you will know all about perming solution and what it can do. The chemical reaction in the solution breaks and reforms the bonds of hair whilst the hair is curled into the desired shape. Traditionally the eyelashes were permed to the rather unnatural shape of a perming rod, however, now it is more common to use silicone pads to give you a natural lift and curl.

Eyelash perming takes just one hour to complete and can dramatically open up your eyes and even give the appearance of you having longer lashes. If you have fair hair then you may benefit from an added tint that takes just 15 minutes extra and will enhance your results even more . Results can last up to 10 weeks and after the initial 48 hours following the treatment, where you must avoid water and mascara, you are free to carry on treating your lashes as you normally would….. just without the curlers!

All eyelash perming and tinting treatments require a patch test at least 48 hours before your appointment.