Why professional hair colour is best

All our stylists have years of experience and are always kept up to date with colour knowledge. All new clients to the salon are patch tested to check for allergy.


To maintain colour vibrancy at home and for longer you should use the KMS colour vitality shampoo and conditioner. For blonde hair, however, there is a separate shampoo that keeps blondes looking fresh and clean, by neutralising yellow tones that can ‘creep up on you’..

If I felt your hair had previously been over processed by an incorrect colour or process being done, I would recommend using the Moist Repair therapy treatment once or twice a week.

This treatment improves the structure of the hair after one use by penetrating deeply into the hair and reconstructing, adding intense moisture!

Heat damage from blow drying, using tongs and irons is the biggest cause of damage to the hair and loss of the vibrancy of the colour. Our number one seller for heat protection is the Freeshape quick blow dry. This product is amazing! You simply spray it into the hair just before blowdrying. You get heat protection but also it contains ingredients that helps to speed up the drying time by up to 50%!

Sometimes you may think that the colour has faded more through the ends, but it is usually just that the hair has lost shine giving the illusion of colour fade. To keep the shine even longer you can have an Elumen clear glossing treatment. Elumen gives up to 37% more shine compared to intensive semi-permanent hair colours. Elumen is without ammonia, without ammonia-odor, non-oxidative and gentle for the hair. Sorry to keep mentioning Elumen but, as you can tell, I am passionate about it!

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