Profhilo: Improve skin texture, jowls & necks

If you’re looking to add more structure to face and considering injectables, you need to know about Profhilo.  The new injectable nourishes the dermal cells as well as restoring the firmness of the skin.

profhilo aesthetic treatment - Radiance Aesthetic Clinic - exeter

What is Profhilo?

Profhilo is a specific hyaluronic acid filler that stimulates the body to produce its own HA as well as stimulating collagen. It therefore helps to tighten the skin.

How does Profhilo work?

2 mls of Profhilo are injected per treatment on the face or neck. There are 5 specific points per side of the face or neck. A course of 3 treatments a month apart are recommended. Maintenance is one treatment every 4-6 months.

The injection points are not massaged hence there will be little swellings like bee stings that usually subside within 24-48 hrs but are really hardly visible. Occasionally there may be little bruises.

What age should you be to have Profhilo?

Women in their late 20s, 30s are using it to get the smoothest, most glowing skin that means makeup goes on just perfectly. They also know that stimulating their skin to produce its own Hyaluronic acid means the ageing process is slowed down.

Women in their 40s, 50s and 60s are just loving the results that Profhilo gives to encourage youthful plumpness as well as skin tightening. It can also be used on the neck with dramatic results.

There is a little swelling that is short-lived and occasionally a little bruising but it’s hardly noticeable.

It is definitely the most popular new treatment at Radiance Aesthetic Clinic, with clients and staff results making Profhilo one of the must-haves when deciding on a beauty regime for all ages.