The Radiance assessment

The value of the UK cosmetic procedures market is growing. It was worth £2.3bn in 2010 and is estimated that it will grow to £3.6 billion by 2015. Non-surgical procedures account for 75% of this total* and includes treatments such as dermal fillers, laser hair removal and Botox.



At Radiance MediSpa our most common procedures in clients over 30 are Botox and dermal fillers, specifically Tear trough fillers. In clients under 30, however, laser hair removal is the most common procedure .

With the proliferation of non-surgical treatments in the UK it becomes increasingly important for consumers to be aware of industry best practices and understanding what is right for them. This all starts at the initial consultation process.

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At Radiance our assessment program has been designed to give the client a bespoke treatment plan. It is imperative for the doctor to understand the client’s concerns, expectations, time frame and budget. It is so wrong for the doctor to make judgement on the client’s looks or draw attention to a problem that has not been concerning the client. However, the skill in aesthetics is recognising that making small changes in one area can give a dramatically more youthful look. The questions in the Radiance assessment program have been designed to address all this and the diagrams make it easy for the client to understand and make an informed decision on the way forward.

The consultation starts with the client holding the mirror  to demonstrate areas of concern. Then follows questioning about previous treatments and medical history that may affect the choice of treatments and make some contraindicated. (A practitioner without a medical background may not be aware of the importance of this step.) Knowing what skin care products a client uses and has used is also important so that the correct level of products are used so minimising cost to the client but equally getting the desired results. After explanation of the ageing process a plan can be formulated with attention to both timings and cost.


The 4 main areas that need consideration are :

1) Skin care – Cosmeceutical grade products (to include antioxidants, retinol and sun protection) rather than weak over the counter ones.

2) Botox or dermal fillers for wrinkles, both dynamic (only visible on movement of the facial muscles) and static (present at rest).

3) Collagen stimulation for skin tightening – Thermage, Laser, Chemical peels, Dermapen or Indiba.

4) Supplements – To give the body the building blocks for healthy skin.


10 things to check before embarking on an aesthetic treatment:

1) Have a clear idea of your concerns

2) Ensure that the practitioner is qualified to do the assessments and treatments.

3) Check that the clinic to has an array of treatments to choose from.

4) Check the practitioner has a sufficient number of dermal fillers to choose from for the different areas of the face.

5) Look up the products that are being used.

6) Ensure you have been given sufficient information on the treatment and side effects and time to make a decision on which treatment to have.

7) Have photos taken before the treatment.

8) Ensure you have had a consent form explained and then to sign it.

9) Ask for aftercare information.

10) Ask for a follow up appointment and keep it.

*source: House of Parliament – Cosmetic Procedures 2013 report PDF)