Why you start to look like your mum?

sagging jowls old vs young

We see ourselves in our mothers which is ok when our mother is young but as she ages, we are naturally less pleased. Understanding the ageing process, that volume replacement & collagen stimulation are the treatments of choice, lets us realise that daughters & mothers can both look younger.

We start off with the youthful triangular shaped face with the three points of the triangle being the two cheeks & the chin. We see the two sides of the triangle as ‘happy lines’ going from the midline up & outwards; the jaw line, the line of the lower lip continuing up & out, the cheek bone & the line under the lateral side of the eye that is often exaggerated with make up.

These ‘happy lines become ‘sad lines’ simply due to the two main causes of ageing in the body. Firstly there is volume loss of both fat & bone, then there is loss of elasticity of the skin & the combination makes the skin less tight (or more stretched). It is like ‘taking some filling out of a nice plump cushion’.

The tired, sunken eye look is due to loss of bone volume around the eye giving rise to ‘tear troughs’ & the line continues down the cheek as the fat pad in the cheek both splits & reduces. The lower part of the cheek fat then descends, & with the loss of elasticity of the skin, causing the nasolabial lines from the nose to mouth. Finally the marionette lines; mouth to the jowls along the jaw line appear.

The most important treatment is deep dermal filler, high along the cheek bone to restore a ‘happy line’ & give lift to the nasolabial lines. Radio-frequency treatments can then stimulate collagen production & skin tightening especially when used alongside retinol contain skincare & Skinade.