Fractional skin ResurFacing: treat sagging skin and wrinkles without surgery

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Fractional skin ResurFacing reduces wrinkles, sagging, stretch marks and scars. All of this and not a scalpel in sight! What is a Fractional Laser ResurFace? A laser is used to target tiny sections of your skin. Minute columns of damage stimulate the skin to repair itself by producing collagen. The surrounding skin begins a natural […]

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CoolSculpting Vs LumiSlim

As the days start to lengthen and we see the sun appearing we know the time is fast approaching when our bodies will be emerging and be on show. Those extra ‘winter pounds’ need to be shed but sometimes they need a bit of extra help. Liposuction, the removal fat from the body is what […]

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Facts about Dermal Fillers

As we age our skin begins to show the effects of time, especially on our face. With repetitive expressions like frowning and smiling or exposure to the environment, such as pollution and sun damage we develop wrinkles that become present even when we are not making the expressions. (update image – see Ros) […]

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