The best hair loss treatment for restoring thinning hair

The psychological effects of thinning hair in men and women are huge. Hair loss can lower self-esteem and confidence. People often spend lots of money on products over the counter in search of a solution, and usually, they don’t provide the desired results. This can be very disheartening and frustrating. Sound familiar? 

Believe it or not hair loss, hair thinning, and balding are often down to genetics. The most common type of hair loss is known as androgenic alopecia. You might know it better as female pattern baldness. Of course, there can be other reasons for hair loss such as health issues, postpartum hair loss, or even stress. Just so you know, it’s very common and we see a lot of concern for hair loss in both men and women. 

The good news is that there are plenty of hair restoration treatment options available. Here at Radiance, we offer a non-invasive, non-surgical alternative so you don’t have to go down the route of surgery. Read this article to learn more about the treatment and how it could help you with hair regrowth. 

How to restore hair loss

When hair starts looking thinner, it is usually the individual strands that are becoming thinner, not necessarily more hairs falling out. Over time the weak hair follicles stop producing hairs and this is where baldness starts to appear. Both men and women can feel self-conscious if their hairline starts to recede, and it can be hard to hide with certain hairstyles.

As discussed, this can be due to many different factors. There are plenty of hair restoration products available such as shampoo, supplements, and tablets, but often these don’t offer great results. There are also a lot of herbal remedies that people recommend. But again, these rarely treat hair loss properly.

At Radiance, we offer a treatment called Halo Elite hair restoration. It uses laser light to strengthen the follicles and stimulate hair growth. This helps to produce thicker, healthier hair. It is an FDA-approved treatment that provides great results without the need for drugs or hair transplant surgery. It’s non-invasive and completely painless with no side effects.

Does laser hair restoration really work?

Hair regrowth is not a quick fix. A Halo Elite treatment consists of 78 treatments of twelve and a half minutes. These are spread over the course of a year. We know this might sound like a lot of treatments, but great results don’t arrive overnight. You won’t get the same long-lasting results from any products on the high street. To get the best results from this non-surgical hair restoration treatment, you need to be committed. It is an ongoing process but absolutely worth the time and investment if balding is an issue you are concerned about. See it as an investment in your self-confidence.

The treatment should ideally be started at the early stage of thinning hair to get the best results. It is harder to treat hair that has already fully receded.

We will make recommendations at your consultation regarding which shampoo, conditioner, and serums to use inbetween your treatments and beyond. Further, we’ll chat through the different supplements you could take to support your treatment and potentially enhance results. These will usually contain vitamins such as B, E and D, as well as biotin and proteins. 

Book your Halo Elite hair restoration consultation

At your initial complimentary assessment, we will use a special microscope to analyse the strands of hair. We fully assess the different areas of the head and check for thinning at the front of the scalp, sides and back. 

After the initial consultation, we can discuss your options together and help you decide whether the Halo Elite hair restoration treatment is the right one. 

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