Fractional skin ResurFacing: treat sagging skin and wrinkles without surgery

Fractional skin ResurFacing reduces wrinkles, sagging, stretch marks and scars. All of this and not a scalpel in sight!

Lynton laser ResurFACE - Radiance Aesthetic Clinic, ExeterWhat is a Fractional Laser ResurFace?

A laser is used to target tiny sections of your skin. Minute columns of damage stimulate the skin to repair itself by producing collagen. The surrounding skin begins a natural recovery process which leads to tighter, brighter skin and the reduction of stretch marks and scars.

As well as treating lines and sagging on the face and neck, you can achieve great results on other areas of the body.

After-care for ResurFace

The skin feels very hot after the treatment and is red. The recovery period depends on what intensity is used and how your body responds to the treatment. You must not be tanned or have used fake tan for 2 weeks as the laser will pick up on this pigment.

How much does ResurFace cost?

It’s £375 for a full face and £325 for the neck. Other areas will vary in price, such as the knees and tummy area.

If you go for the full face and neck together it’s £650. We would recommend that you have the two areas done on separate days initially.

Before your first treatment you should have a small patch test with Charlotte, Jade or nurse Helen in an area that is not seen.
Call 01392 277799 to book your patch test.