Treatments for fat reduction

Non-surgical fat reduction in the form of CoolSculpting means we no longer have to put up with our stubborn fatty areas. A one hour long session will say “good bye” forever to fat cells that subsequently disappear over the next 30-90 days. This short clip from the States explains:

Having been a GP for 22 years I regularly saw patients who had had substandard liposuction. They had undergone a general anaesthetic, suffered a lot of pain, bruising and swelling and the vast majority would not have had the treatment done had they realised the extent of the downtime. CoolSculpting is non-invasive, requires no anaesthetic or constricting garments to be worn after the treatment. Clients often come back for more areas to be treated once they see the dramatic results that are easily achieved.


Why do we have areas of stubborn fat?

Our fat cells are laid down at birth and at puberty in accordance with our genetic make up. Some of us have stubborn fat on our tummies, some have love handles, others saddle bags or man boobs. No amount of exercise or dieting will get rid of these areas of fat and often when we lose weight it goes from the wrong areas. Clients often say that when they reduce the size of their tummy by dieting they end up with no boobs and a drawn tired looking face. CoolSculpting ends the dilemma of choosing between your face or bottom.


The science…

CoolSculpting was developed at Harvard University after Medical Directors Dieter Manstein & Rox Anderson observed that some children got dimples from sucking on ice lollies. From this the idea that the cold can selectively impact and eliminate fat cells (with harming skin or surrounding cells) CoolSculpting was developed. What has been developed is an FDA approved, non surgical safe form of fat reduction.


The process…

Because fat in the cells freezes at a higher temperature to water in the cells, the fat cells are frozen & not the normal cells. The fat crystalises inside the cells & damages the fat cells. The damaged cells are then gradually removed from the body over a period of 3 months.

When our bodies increase in weight there is not an increase in the number of fat cells, it is the individual cells that get bigger. After CoolSculpting, if a person puts on weight, it does not appear in the previous area because the fat cells are simply not present anymore.

Who is suitable?

At Radiance MediSpa we will only treat clients within about 20lbs of their ideal weight. In the States, however, they use multiple treatments for weight loss!


What areas can be treated?

Tummies, love handles, inner thighs, saddle bags, banana rolls, bra straps, man boobs, bingo wings.


The treatment

It takes an hour per area, with little to no down time afterwards. The suction pad draws the skin and fat up and allows the area to be cooled between two metal plates. After an hour the frozen area is massaged and flattens out again. The body gradually breaks down the dead fat cells & they are naturally eliminated from the body.


How many treatments are needed?

Just one treatment per area is required to get really significant results.


Can more than one area be treated at a time?

When several areas are treated it is called ‘ Treatment to Transformation’ and this can truly sculpt the body. A decrease is seen from just 4 weeks with full results at 3 months. The before and after image of the saddle bag area in this article shows the effects after a  4 month gap.

Personally, I can say CoolSculpting has had a huge impact on my life. I have always been slim but with love handles that would literally balloon up when I put on weight. When I used to go on holiday I would come back with excess baggage, not in my suitcase but on my love handles!

The price is £800-£1,400 depending on the area to be treated. CoolSculpting reduces those stubborn areas of fat that a gym membership just will not!


Some of the comments we have had from clients are:

“I haven’t seen my ribs in 25 years.”

“I can now wear my little black dress without having to suck my stomach in.”

“ Losing my love handles has now given me a waist & a curvy shape.”

“ Having lost my muffin top I can wear jeans again without the baggy top!”