Don’t beat around the bush

The words ‘Hollywood’ or ‘Brazilian’ in the beauty industry don’t conjure up images of wealthy boulevard stars or gorgeously tanned foreigners, instead rather the less exotic types of bikini waxing.


Most of us have talked about it, thought about it or even had it, but there are some of us who still want to know – what are they? 


Types of Bikini waxing

Here are the top three bikini styles that we feel every women needs to know about:

1. Bikini – taking hair from the sides to form a triangle so that pubic hair cannot be seen whilst wearing swimwear.

2. Brazilian  – removing most of the hair to leave just a small strip, triangle or oval shape piece of hair

3. Hollywood – the entire pubic area is stripped of all hair

Whilst most women may prefer the less painful hair removal process of shaving or depilatory creams, they require regular and frequent maintenance and can cause an irritating shaving rash or in-growing hairs. Because the hair is only removed from the surface of the skin once the hair grows even just a little bit it is again visible with a more coarse appearance. Waxing, however, removes the whole hair from beneath the surface of the skin and when it grows again and is visible on the surface the tip of the hair is tapered and therefore appears more fine.

Waxing in the long term becomes less painful and time consuming because the hair regrowth becomes weaker and more sparse with each waxing session. If you really cannot face creams, shaving or waxing then laser hair reduction is the answer. Six sessions are initially required then only an infrequent session to maintain a hairless finish.

Your first waxing appointment may take up to 45 minutes depending on what style of bikini waxing you have. Some people suffer with in-growing hairs therefore it is recommended you exfoliate twice a week to help reduce the risk.