Beauty preparations for a wedding

You spend hundreds and thousands of pounds on an outfit that you wear for just one day – yet you wear your face every day!

Wedding Image

Weddings are all about aesthetics – the look of the dress, the church, the flowers, the cake, the invitations…… The days are gone when the mother of the bride or groom looks dowdy or doesn’t worry about spending something on her ‘aesthetic look’.

Aesthetics of the face is all about getting the proportions correct and getting as much symmetry as possible. As much as you don’t want to look 21 again, you want to look the age that you feel. Where to start can be confusing and what is achievable, now, for everyone is amazing (not just the celebs!) – but with all the information on the internet it can be a mine field.

I was involved with developing the Harmony program for Galderma, one of the top Dermal filler companies. This program splits rejuvenation into 3 main areas so that it becomes clear as to what are going to be the most beneficial treatments for you – thus avoiding the expense of choosing ones that give little results in your particular case.

The 3 main areas are:

  • Skin: elasticity, tone, texture, pigmentation, red veins.
  • Volume: cheeks, lips, eye sockets, jawlines.
  • Wrinkles: that are present at rest and those that are only present on expression.

Timing of your treatments is important and is just another thing to factor into the organisational equation. For example, a Chemical Peel can be done literally the day before the wedding to brighten up the skin but if you haven’t had one before try one at the start of your ‘aesthetic journey’ to kick start your skin’s improvement.

Botox lasts about 4 months but should be done at least 4 weeks before the wedding so that if a top up is required there is plenty of time – remembering that it takes 2 weeks to get the full effects after each treatment. Although the effects of Dermal Fillers are instant, there may be some bruising and ‘settling in’ so allow 4 weeks before the big day. Skin elasticity, tone and texture  can be easily rectified but take several months to get the full effect. I would suggest putting ‘facial assessment’ in your wedding diary at least 6 months before the big day to avoid last minute panics and then having to resort to quick fixes.