Shedding those pounds: 10 things to consider

One of my first patients in general practice said that her key to success in weight loss was to say to herself, “nothing tastes as good as thin feels” whenever the fridge door beckoned.

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This post contains 10 things that I have told patients over the years:

1) People only make a change in their lives if they have a good enough reason to.

So ask yourself: Why do you want to loose weight? You may come up with answers such as: Because I want to look amazing at my daughter’s wedding……. Because my weight is damaging my health and I am at risk of developing diabetes which my mother died of….. I’m tired of trying endless outfits on before going out with my friend’s on a Saturday night…..


2) Making changes makes a difference to people’s lives.

Ask yourself: What will you gain in your life from being at your ideal weight? You may come up with answers such as: I will have more confidence socially and be able to start up new relationships…..I will have the confidence to ask for a pay rise at work…….I will be able to play football with my 5 year old son….


3) People eat when they are bored.

Ask yourself: What else could I do? Read maybe 10 pages of a novel on a Kindle. Research a new wardrobe on the computer.


4) Women feel guilty just sitting down.

Rather than eat, treat yourself to just sitting down, read a magazine or talk to a friend on the phone.

5) Joining forces with a friend and committing to a weight loss regime will increase your chances of success.

Buddy up and plan some rewards together. Have a written commitment together.

6) If you tell someone something enough times they will believe it.

Affirmations, said several times a day, every day, such as ” I eat healthy and nutritious food”. ” I am at my ideal weight” actually work despite your brain saying in the initial stages. ” who are you trying to kid?”

7) People who eat whilst doing other pleasurable things do not realise the volume of food they consume.

Never eat whilst watching TV, reading or at the computer. If you are hungry go into the kitchen, sit down and eat with a knife and fork and stop when you realise that you just want to watch TV etc.

8) “Fridge pickers wear bigger knickers.”

Every time you eat anything (for one day or more) put the equivalent item and amount in a plastic container and view it at the end of the day to see where the hidden calories have come from.

9) Eating quickly makes you eat larger volumes.

Swap over your knife and fork to make eating more difficult and hence slow your rate of eating, or even use chopsticks.

10) Celebrate!

Every day that passes congratulate yourself. We are no different to children in that we respond to praise which makes us even more willing to try harder. Star charts are not just for kids.