Your collagen intake

“You are what you eat”, therefore, after Christmas, & obviously having been a Turkey stuffed with sausages and mince pies, it is a good time to think about boosting your collagen intake because this certainly does affect your skin.


What exactly is Collagen?

Collagen is the stuff that keeps your skin looking plump and youthful – Think of a baby’s cheek compared to that of an 80 year old’s cheek. The former is plump, bouncy and elastic whereas the latter is thin, papery and wrinkled due to the loss of collagen.

Scientifically speaking, collagen is a protein that makes up the man structural part of the lower layer of the skin and allows your skin to stretch and limbs to bend without it breaking or cracking.

At what age does collagen production decrease?

When you are young you produce collagen all the time and even more so when you injure, cut, burn or traumatise the skin in any way. Unfortunately, as you age, you reduce the amount of collagen you produce naturally. By the age of 30 you lose about 1.5% of your natural collagen and by 40 you lose about 15%! This loss is accelerated by lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol, pollution and stress.

Collagen and vitamin c supplements

Antioxidants such as Vitamin C stabilise the collagen molecule which is another reason for using cosmeceutical grade skin care products that contains sufficient amounts of stabilised, effective Vitamin C such as ZO & Sesderma in your daily routine. Having collagen stimulating treatments such as Indiba, Thermage, Chemical peels, Nanopore mesotherapy, laser are superb at reducing the collagen loss as well as stimulating the production of it.

But, just like you are going to struggle to build a strong brick wall with only the cement, having collagen stimulating treatments without enough collagen in your diet means you are not going to get the best results.

Skinade supplement

This brings me back to “You are what you eat”- Skinade supplement is at the top of it’s game in terms of ingredients that are 90% absorbed compared to only 20% or so of collagen capsules and tablets. It contains Marine Collagen, MSM, Omegas 3 and 6, Vitamin Bs, Vitamin C and L-lysine that the body CAN ABSORB and USE. Skinade also has the scientific studies to back it up. It doesn’t just improve the skin on your face, it improves the whole body, hair and nails.

We have been using Skinade at Radiance MediSpa for over 2 years and seen great results. For those of you who have nattered it yet pop in. We have 80 free samples to give away so make sure you get one.