Jowls – Sagging Face

As you age you get sagging jowls, that give a sad, tired, aged appearance. Quite often you start noticing this when you use Facetime, do a ‘selfie’ or catch sight of yourself in the mirror.

The cause of sagging jowls is multifactorial; loss of volume in the cheeks & face generally & sagging skin due to loss of collagen. There is a ligament just up from the chin along the jawline that attaches the skin at that point ( pre-jowl sulcus) to the bone beneath & this exaggerates the jowl. Treatments will be aimed at correcting the volume loss & skin tightening. These will be discussed at your initial consultation to suit your timescale and budget. Remember that everyone’s face is different and we have so many treatments at Radiance that we can usually ‘kill 2 birds with 1 stone’.

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