Laser hair removal at Radiance Aesthetic Clinic – Exeter

There are so many treatments available for those who decide to remove unwanted hair from their body. From waxing and shaving to more permanent options such as laser hair removal, you really can tailor your hair removal method to suit you. 

There are so many benefits of getting this treatment beyond the hair removal aspect – it’s a great option for those who suffer from ingrown hairs (which we know can be super painful and irritating). If you’re thinking about giving it a go, it’s important to do your research and understand the facts before investing. 

As always, just like any treatment we offer at Radiance Aesthetic clinic, we recommend booking in for a consultation to thoroughly discuss your concerns and we can curate a detailed treatment plan for your needs.


Is laser hair removal painful?

The treatment works by sending light through the pigment of the hair, which then converts into heat, damaging the hair follicle and hair bulb. Depending on skin sensitivity, some clients do find the process slightly uncomfortable and describe the feeling like sunburn, however, some describe it as pain-free. We always make sure to help you feel as comfortable as possible and of course, we can stop anytime during the treatment. Each session is fairly quick and any discomfort experienced shouldn’t last long. Typically, one session lasts between 30-60 minutes and is dependent on the amount and thickness of the hair. 

Some areas are bound to be more sensitive than others. For example, it may be slightly more uncomfortable around the bikini area compared to the legs which have fairly tough, robust skin. 

How long does laser hair removal last? 

Laser hair removal is great for those looking for permanent hair reduction in certain areas.

It takes 2-3 weeks after you’ve had your first treatment to see results. The hair will naturally start to fall out, and it shouldn’t grow back. Patients may notice finer hair after the first treatment, but it will take a course of treatment to see the final results. You’ll have to be regular with your appointments because your hair follicles will be at different stages of their growth cycle – and we want to zap them at each stage.

Most people notice complete hair growth reduction, but fluctuating hormones can result in a small amount of hair growth, so top-up treatments may be required. 

Laser hair removal aftercare

You’re probably thinking, this sounds great – sign me up! But, it’s important to understand that such a permanent treatment does have some important aftercare advice. You’ll need to make sure that it’s the right treatment for you so here are a few things to bear in mind.

Avoiding heat and exercise – the heat from the laser stays in your skin for 24 hours so you’ll need to stay away from hot showers, saunas and avoid the gym. The hair follicles will be exposed and this is the perfect place for bacteria to grow (which is not ideal).

Staying out of the sun – it’s super important to avoid sun exposure before and after your treatment. If you have a tan, you’ll have to wait until this has faded before you start the course of treatments. Similarly, if you have a sunny holiday booked, you’ll need to wait until you’re back. 

Switching up your beauty routine – Your skin could become quite sensitive after treatment, so it’s important to look after it and use suitable products. Scrubs, peels, acids and retinol creams should be avoided for a week or so before and after treatment. If you have any questions about specific products, you can discuss this with one of our team in your consultation.

Book your laser hair removal in Exeter

If you’re interested in laser hair removal treatment, get in touch today and book your consultation. We’ll have a chat about your specific areas of concern, what your hair growth looks like and your desired results.