Solutions for double chins

According to a 2014 survey by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, approximately 7 out of 10 consumers are bothered by submental fullness (fat under the chin giving a double chin effect).

middle aged women holding her chin

1) Do nothing (as always)
2) Vaser – Laser liposuction with bruising and potential scarring with unevenness.
3) PDO threads inserted into the fat and into the skin to reduce fat AND stimulate the body to produce collagen and thus skin tightening. Bruising is a normal side effect.
4) ATX 101 injections – a drug injected into the fat cells to kill them.
5) The New COOL-MINI applicator from CoolSculpting to freeze that fat cells that are then gradually removed from the body as part of the body’s natural cell turnover process. Results are not immediate and take up to 3 months and are permanent.

not my fault i have a double chin Meme
When troubled by a fatty chin area your options are the following:
We learn to stand and hold our heads up to give our most flattering profile but catching a glimpse of our double chins in the mirror can sometimes be less than pleasing. We have had such success with CoolSculpting on the body, abdomen, bingo wings, love handles etc that we have been looking into and trialling the Cool-Mini, the newest addition to the Coolsculpting family.

The Cool-Mini has been designed to drop the temperature by 1 degree more than standard CoolSculpting treatments, so a treatment takes just 45 minutes. There may be some swelling initially but rarely bruising. There are no injections and no drugs used so your body just removes the cells that are damaged and removed by apoptosis which is the normal cell turnover process of the body.

The Cool-Mini fits snuggly over your double chin as well as those annoying areas that that the previous CoolSculpting attachments just couldn’t. This means, as well as tackling your double chin, we can address fat over the knees and inner knee area, front and back bra strap areas and many other smaller areas.