Injections for excessive sweating

Treat excessive sweating

Treatment Duration Duration 30 - 45 minutes
Treatment Sessions Sessions 1-2
Treatment Results Results After 2 weeks
Treatment Recovery Time Price From £395

About Injections for excessive sweating

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is no uncommon and is easy to treat either through botox for the armpits or our newest MiraDry treatment. Both treatments help to reduce sweat and help you to feel more confident in your day to day.

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The Problem

The Problem

Excess sweating is a distressing problem and often causes sufferers to just wear black tops that do not show when they are moistened by sweat and steer clear of lovely fabrics such as silks. Also excess sweating causes clothes to be stained with sweat and with antiperspirants.

How It Works

The Problem

Botox in the armpit area is very effective at stopping sweating and really does ‘change people’s lives”. Local anaesthetic is applied and then 10-15 injections of Botox per armpit are done using the smallest of needles. A reduction in sweating is evident after about 48 hours with full results by 2 weeks. The effects last up to 6 months.

Our Experts

Dr Ros Debenham MBChB MRCGP

Dr Ros Debenham MBChB MRCGP

Aesthetic Doctor GMC medical register number 2703570

Dr Ros Debenham is one of Exeter’s leading aesthetic doctor practitioners. After working in general practice for over 22 years Ros moved over to the aesthetics industry in 2008.



CoolSculpting, Skin & Laser specialist

After qualifying at Champneys, Hertfordshire, Katie envisioned herself running her own business using the latest medical-based beauty treatments. After opening Radiance Aesthetic Clinic with her mum, Dr Ros, Katie moved forward from her day-to-day beauty treatments and qualified as a Cosmeceuticals, skin and laser specialist as well as a leading CoolSculpting (fat freezing) therapist.

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