Skin Conditioning and Hydrating Treatment

Treatment Duration Duration 15-30 minutes
Treatment Sessions Sessions Course of 3 then 1 every 4-6 months
Treatment Results Results 4+ days
Treatment Recovery Time Price From £250

About Profhilo

Profhilo is a specific hyaluronic acid filler that stimulates the body to produce it’s own HA as well as stimulating collagen thus skin tightening.

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The Problem

The Problem

The lower third of the face tends to show more wrinkles & sagging due to the ageing phenomenon and eventually leads to ‘jowl formation’. The whole face loses plumpness starting from as young as 30 especially when we spend a lot of our lives dehydrated.

Necks are often an area that we forget about when having treatments. The neck responds superbly to Profhilo  and is Dr Ros’ absolute ‘go to’ treatment for the neck. You can also add in Aliaxin SR to the neck protocol with even better results if needed.

How It Works

The Problem

2 mls of Profhilo are injected per treatment on the face or neck. There are 5 specific points per side of the face or neck. A course of 3 treatments a month apart are recommended. Maintenance is one treatment every 4-6 months.

The injection points are not massaged hence there will be little swellings like bee stings that usually subside within 24-48 hrs but are really hardly visible. Occasionally there may be little bruises.


Before Photo
After Photo

Frequently Asked Questions

In which areas can it be used?

It is used on the lower face & neck. Improvement is seen around the eyes, cheeks, upper lip, jowls & neck.

It is used on the lower face & neck. Improvement is seen around the eyes, cheeks, upper lip, jowls & neck.

Our Expert

Dr Ros Debenham MBChB MRCGP

Dr Ros Debenham MBChB MRCGP

Aesthetic Doctor GMC medical register number 2703570

Dr Ros Debenham is one of Exeter’s leading aesthetic doctor practitioners. After working in general practice for over 22 years Ros moved over to the aesthetics industry in 2008.

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